Strike (Album – Released 2016)
1. Narrow Nation
2. Cover It Up
3. Better World
4. Fragile People
5. Rust
6. Collapsed
7. Last Tide


Prospective Outcome (Album – Released 2013)
1. Intro
2. No Choice
3. Buried Circles
4. Follow The Leader
5. Window
6. Major Stupidity
7. Reclaim The Profit
8. Voice
9. Steve
10. Not Enough
11. Prospective Outcome

Death Row (EP – Released 2010)
1. Sociafobia
2. Death Row
3. I’d Rather Be Dead
4. Shut Up
5. No More

Six Feet Deep (EP – Released 2008)
1. Kill Your Fears
2. Lose It All
3. Restless Insomnia
4. Six Feet Deep

Orders Overload (Album – Released 2008)
1. Intro
2. Orders Overload
3. Health Or Fashion
4. Never Say Never
5. Last Days
6. No More Tolerance
7. Dead Avenue
8. Flatten In Railroad
9. No Salvation
10. Nothing To Die For
11. Suicide Note
12. See, Hear & Ignore

Distral – Narrow Nation

Why are we whispering?
I can barely hear but I’m holding on
I know I’m not alone but I feel I’m buried six feet down
So while you hide your face and sustain your polished mind
I will not stand by and watch us go overboard by this strike
I will not stand by.

So spit it out, stand up and break down those walls. Let it rage.
Don’t spill out your empty veins
Get up and scream with me
Don’t stop, don’t fade away

Distral – Cover It Up
Feel the burning eyes, smell the stench in your breath
I know your state of mind and I’m ready to embrace it
Accusation, your mistake
I’m innocent, you’re the one to blame

And on and on as it goes, I feel something break!
Last straw, it gives away. Hear the sirens sing!

Bruises and broken bones. Cover it up, with baggy clothes.
No one shall ever know, what happens behind my front door.
Everything will be alright. Cover it up, with hollow lies.
No one shall ever know, what happens behind my front door.

Tears bursting out of my eyes, that tension building up for years.
Hinges of the vault door have been, corroded by the abused years
Shelves filled with hidden rage, ready to explode on your face.
The perfect ammunition for your early expiry date!

Once again
Coming late
You pass out
On your favorite chair
I walk to you
Feeling light headed
I raise my fist
I raise it again, raise it again
One last time you raise your fist!
One last time I’ll fall by it!

Distral – Better World
Another morning another day and nothing’s happening
Through the blue eyes your words and thoughts are left in vain
Try to see the light, but don’t know where you are. You don’t know where to go.
Are you really lost if there is nowhere to go?

Look in the eyes of the enemy
Is it freedom you see or agony?
The man in charge will lead us for better world, just don’t be afraid to bleed.
For the better world

Marching for the endless life but already dead
Tainted mind and scarred to the bone
Mother I’m not coming home
For the better world

Look in the eyes of the enemy
Is it freedom you see?

Distral – Rust
Out of time, out of place in my mind
Moving around, eating away my very soul
I curse it all, this enemy is my own fault

I try to run, to keep it in it’s own cage
But steel will rust and one day it will be unleashed
I pray to god my child won’t see me that day

My mind starts to fade as the beast takes its place
I have no control
Once I return from depth and see the carnage
I fall down and ask why

When the judge ask what I know
I shake my head because

I have no recollection of action
of the things that I’m accused of

Distral – Fragile People
Who are these strangers all around?
Just to be safe lock your doors at night, pull your curtains down
Are they here because of all your wealth?
Or is it something you have never felt and never will?

When faith is not on your side
When everything’s destroyed except the walls with holes only four feet tall
When you wait for help to come but there is no one, they decided to run
And you tell me how you’re the fragile one?

And when the stormy clouds will fade
The mind the broken heart will ache
The void filled with echoes of hate

Through the fire burn away
How does it feel when no one listens when you pray?

In the core feel the scream
There is no more place for remedy
And you already know
Flag white as snow does not mean anything
It won’t mean anything

So when the faith is not on your side
And when everything’s destroyed around will you keep the curtains down
and wait for this to overcome when everyone decided to run?
Will you become the fragile one?

Distral – Collapsed
We all have been there, in that place where everything turns into dust
In that well known state of mind where you feel so alone and lost
That blinding frustration knocks you down on your knees

“This is not who I am, this is not me”

Your heart is racing, you cannot breathe
Your blood red eyes are too blind to see
“I don’t want to feel this way, I don’t want to give up because this is not me”
There’s no innocence just pure fucking hate
And in time will only change your face to the worse.

“This time I’ll hide my poisoned face, behind this part that’s left in me
I have a good heart, I won’t let it go to waste
And I scream from the bottom of my lungs that soon it will be over, soon it will be gone.
I’ll drag myself out from the unknown.”
But the damage is already done.

“And I scream from the bottom of my lungs
That soon it will be over, soon it will be gone.
I will drag myself out from the unknown.”
But the damage is already done.
“And I scream from the bottom of my heart.
Soon it will be over, soon it will be gone.
I will drag myself out from the unknown.”
But the damage is already done.

How could we try to rise from this?
We scream from the bottom of our lungs
How could we try to rise from this?
We have good hearts we won’t let them go to waste

Distral – Last Tide
Now here we go again, I’ve seen this million times before
And still here you are leaving those scars
When there’s one with fingers bleeding and one who’s losing sleep
You will always find a way to collect the profit of their pain and misery

Take the credit but don’t create
Make them work so you won’t lose your face
Count your sins, are you far enough to hide
When the tide will rise

With no sign of regret you force it all
No time to rest when you’re craving your own success

And when you have burned down all your bridges behind
And you’re lying in the dirt, reaching your hand up high
You might as well put a bullet between my eyes
Right between my eyes

Distorted, inverted, complex little mind
Final call for salvation now lies in this tide

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